My jazz player. Blue Man.

Your mind is your power.

Abstract Spiliage.

Diptych created while I was live painting during a Somerton Suitcase set in Manhattan. Lead vocalist, Marisa Sorrentino now owns this beauty!

The Queen Awaits. A 4 x 4 ft painting that sold during my very first show at the WOMEN OF STREET ART show in Manhattan 2015

Watch. [ing]

Painting a car during MuralFest 2014

NIC707 is the owner of this piece, an abstract for his collaboration but before he could someone bought it from him so he could have some extra $$ that day. Who knows where it is… #truestory

Green Thumb, hanging in my solo show at QuarterYellow in JungleScience gallery

Another from my show Building Blocks in 2012

Painting for Economic Development Directory Marry Harris

My first stencil after taking the class by Damien Mitchell

Painting for Nazely Kirkjian in response to my move from my hometown where i was for 24 years to the big city.

John Rivera’s first painting I made for him shortly after we connected.

Collab with Ed Demirer (known from the Somerton Suitcase)

Private Collection. Time to trade brains.

Mural on the back patio at Cyber Cafe West. Thank you West Side Neighborhood Project!