Gallery & Community Art Events

Working as the Creative Director of JungleScience Art Gallery and Laboratories (JS), I managed a space that had a gallery and 5 artist studios from 2010-2014. JS is still in operation today. The space was imagined as a center for culture, to cross pollinate art scenes in up-state New York and service as an accessible venue for the local Binghamton Community.

In 2014, I grew on to live and work in Brooklyn New York where I worked with xMental, Inc, Hunter College, Indigo Arts Collective, I am Popula, Northside Fest, Brooklyn Arts Council and a myriad of other music/art groups to pop up activities all over the metro area.

Here are photos and fliers of some of the events :)

Ute Schultze’s art, the table of finger foods at the Jungle, truly works of art!

TomBomb’s show at QuarterYellow Studios

TomBomb Contd…

Micah Donovick in JungleScience Proper

Edd Jones at QuarterYellow Studios

I work closely with Will Teran, Director of Teran Studios, to cross pollinate artists and make upstate NY a destination for art & culture

Show with Oswil Liz

Jimmy and I would partner on these music/art fusion events all over town! QYS would get the live painters involved!

COPE! I met hiim! I had an super secret private invite to see the 191st tunnel being painted!

QYS features Kareemah Johnson in her first SOLO show

Neat article from the Press & Sun Bulletin