Kady Yellow

Sweet Treat Maker

Mini Turtle Cheesecakes. If you’re single: Like your favorite Ex, no explanation needed, what you see is what you get. If you’re taken: Like your current love interest, delicious and sweet.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. For the less daring.

French Vanilla Peach Stuffed Cupcakes. Peaches & cream with a hint of lime & dusted with graham crackers.

Fresh Strawberry & Orange Creme Chocolate Cups. Celebrate summer or tell someone you love .

from scratch Guinness Beer Bread

Merlot Heart Bundt cake, made with love!

carrot cake cookies topped with apricot, cream cheese frosting

i just LOVE to take photos of displays via my travels

Blueberry mini cheesecakes, first go at them, usually a cupcake and cookie kinda gal

mini merlot cupcakes with chocolate ganache, topped with strawberry hearts

red velvet cake cookies with b&w drip

Strawberry short cake inspired cupcake for my friend’s bday, highlighting fresh, locally grown NOLA straewberries

Alcohol-minis tropical fruit and vanilla

mini turtle cheesecakes, made from scratch with a hint of surprise!

XMas 2015 Peppermint Cannoli and red velvet cookies

first go at Baklava, the thin pastry sheets are very fussy and need to stay moist for the installation of nutty layers to work out

chocolate chip banana bread made with all organic yummy

perfected my sourdough starter

raspberry compote stuffed vanilla bean pound-cup-cakes

Christmas 2016 baking for all to enjoy

gluten free (spelt flour) all organic and locally sources beet, orange and ginger cinnamon buns for an edible art project