Public Art Lectures & Workshops

Do you want a community driven mural project, program, workshop, training, class or lecture in your town/city for a particular organization? Let’s meet for an hour to run a Q&A driven session for your crew to pick my brain based on my experiences around the country and research as an adjunct in the field.

With that, if you find that there is a need for a more formal session, I would gladly design a session and share my handouts and PowerPoint materials. In offering workshops, I always schedule an initial consult. This is a meeting with your organization’s staff/stakeholders and an opportunity for me to ask questions to better understand your organization. In that way, I can truly best serve you in designing content that is custom to your scenario/city/org/scene.

I have been conducting educational activities since 2010, I find that some need me to focus on fundraising/development, some need more info and ideas on project management and some just plain want to get their hands in paint!

Proud to announce & continue a long-standing partnership w/ Binghamton University (BU) for the alumni speaker series. If you or someone you know is a BU student & interested in learning about a career in Arts Administration please share. The event is intimate & so seating is limited! Next week, I will share my journey as an undergrad at BU, what I learned traveling the US managing public art projects, the role of graduate studies in University of New Orleans Arts Administration Program & how you too can embrace an endeavor to a robust career in the arts. Special thank you to Julia Lucia for her enthusiastic dedication & the professional & supportive staff at Binghamton University Alumni Association, Fleishman Career Center, Binghamton University, Harpur Edge & artists of life like Bruce Greig, Alexandra Davis, Cindy Blackman, Carol Hall, Mark D. Bowers, Peg Johnston Missy Bowen Will Teran Marie Foley McKenna & Nicole Howard Christi Smith Asia Freeman & the entire Bunnell Arts & Homer Crew <3, all the bomb artists in Bing in QYS you are the very heart/soul to imagination & you miss Holly Brooke for launching the very 1st project in Endicott Boys & Girls Clubs of America & to the over 2,000 personal connections here on facebook land & the many others that greatly contributed to sprouting me into a young professional & mentoring me the entire way & still today <3 Proud to share this story with the next generation to advocate for the arts! SUNY – The State University of New York Upstate New York The City of Binghamton Mayor Rich David Dept. of Public Art reBOLD Binghamton

Mural in the State Street Parking Ramp in Binghamton as part of the Virtual Reality Project. Painted by students of the first mural workshop I co-taught with Bruce Greig. Special thanks to the Lost Dog Cafe for donating lunch and the Dept of Public Art as well as Chenango Co. Arts Council–this would not of happened without you!

Bruce and I at the State Street Parking Ramp Mural Project

Bruce Greig and I hosted a mural painting workshop over two days at the Parking Ramp, see train mural graphic picture a couple pics back to see their final work!

Students of the Parking Ramp Mural Workshop, see what they can do after learning for only 2 days!

More work by our students after teaching them for 2 days!

Located on Front/Main St in Binghamton, NY. The final project of my ART 230 inaugural class, 25 students, one semester, two mural professors, a whole lot of paint! Special thank you to Johnny Burns & the staff at CHAMPS!

Bing Hots Mural in downtown. Took almost 2 years to see this through. Painted in conjunction with the inaugural ART230 class students and Bruce Greig. Special thank you to the Broome Co. Arts Council, Southern Tier Chapter of the APA, Aunt Deb, Dept. of Public Art, the City of Binghamton and our private donors!

Keynote speaker at the Global Mural Conference Sept 2016. The dream is to continue to work in advocacy and public art policy reform in more meaningful ways. To work so that one day the ecosystem we create in is even more open and conducive to meaningful careers for muralists. A career that is not only respected and honored but compensated and supported fairly. What is your dream? WRITE IT OUT & SHARE it globally #WorldDreamDay Here is a look into the magic that just took place in New York.

Honored to help guide Binghamton University undergraduates and encourage them as the world’s nascent arts administrators! Join us in Nov for a Q&A session on life as an arts leader. Thank you to Julia Lucia for her passion and professional expertise in organizing this lecture Binghamton University Alumni Association Metro New York Chapter Binghamton University Alumni Association Humans of Binghamton University Binghamton Art History Bruce Greig Harpur Edge Fleishman Career Center, Binghamton University reBOLD Binghamton Dept. of Public Art

Panels from my ART230 students