Street Art Alaska

I was the Bunnell Street Art Center’s summer artist in residence. For Bunnell’s residency program, I wanted to innovate upon the traditional residency experience–artists painting in a studio, creating a series of work that culminates into a gallery exhibition. For a more compelling proposal, I offered to launch a hyper-local mural program. Typical to what I propose in cities and towns around the country, the idea is to engage local volunteers, train artists via workshops and then come together to paint murals that celebrate the local community. So we did just that and by we I mean:

25+ highly engaged community members.
600+ man hours later and 8 mural sites.

A collaboration of civic, private and non-profit partners, the aim is to enliven Pioneer Avenue as an economic district, attracting visitors and residents to linger and explore Homer’s historic core. Partners sponsored murals with a peony theme to celebrate and leverage Homer’s assets in the arts, agriculture and recreation. Change out Pioneer Ave for any Main Street Corridor and Homer with any town in the country and you have a recipe for creative placemaking. A way to change the world a little, in your own way.

6/9/15 article in the Homer News by Ms. Frost