Dublin & Belfast Street Art

Glen Molloy & I talking aesthetics, street politics & place-making

a piece by visualwaste that the community was not happy with

a piece by French street artist MTO that comments on the political landscape of Belfast

a great piece, tiled portraiture leveraging line and shape

a row of political celebration adorned one street in Belfast, this was a homage piece

a very cool back alley we stumbled upon that when it was all over was my absolute favorite so much going on here

Molloy & I going down into the catacombs where graf started, he feels like he’s the father of the walls

mural at a youth centre to fight the grip of drug abuse to carry on the tradition of mural messaging

hidden in a little back alley

another mural on the political row

Molloy & I in front of MTOs piece talking about the issue surrounding art done by visitors and the strength and messaging to this particular imaging

epic piece by Louis Masai

Molloy and I chit chatting about all sorts of things line colour shape style walls and more

piece by the man himself Glen Molloy xx

was besides myself to see this it is one of my very most favorite public art ideas and its killer!

close 2nd for a favorite piece!

signing the peace wall with my name & the photojournalist i was with

signing the peace wall

works by glen molloy

work by visualwaste

kanye by visualwaste

in real life, smug one, this was a game changer for me