Traveling Around Ireland

we pulled over on the drive out to Clifden with the 12 pins of the Ben mountains hugging you hard, to think to this day a year ago I was flying over Alaska, drooling over the ice cap mountains to live and work and so I find this photo symbolic and really celebratory

got to spend a day on the bay if you look out you can see the White Lady of Clifden Bay very special spot on earth

a daytime photo of Leenaun where the sunset is mysterious, unreliable and inconsistent

trinity of life the roses here are huge and soft, bright and friendly and one day at a time they cushion the side roads with a tranquility and sort of balanced madness

The grass is literally greener, so what they say is true. Had an exceptional 2nd weekend here in the Emerald Isle. How truly precious it is to work, live, learn & play in a new part of the world.