Museum of Public Art

The best collection of urban art in one place to date. I drove to Baton Rouge in 2016 to explore the only example of a Museum of Public Art, with no expectations and very little to loose. Kevin, the curator, was hard to get ahold of and the experience was nothing less than underground.

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The Museum of Public Art is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of community inspired murals in the Old South Baton Rouge community. We believe that Public Art is a force for positive community development in ways conscious and unconscious. How the message is conveyed through imagery, text, and symbolism, effects the soul of the community…. instilling a sense of hope, and history, through creative expression which unfortunately in many inner city communities, is stymied and stifled.

The transformative power of public art lies in part to repetitive viewing. People pass by our murals on their way to work, on their way to school, and when they go to church. Murals can memorialize past lives and focus attention on issues relevant to the here and now.

The inspiration for Public Art comes from the street corner, the barber shop, the basketball court…wherever people are. We are in touch and in tune with the community and strive to create imagery that is relevant to the needs and lives of the people whom we serve with art.