Gender Markers on Bathrooms Around the Globe

We were friends for years. We collaborated on art/music projects. We shared the stage together; he played drums and I painted live with his band The Somerton Suitcase. I managed festivals and he was always on the line-up. We met in 2012 and were friends until 2014 when we started dating. We were together until 2017, rather unseperable for three years. It was the kind of love people always commented on. True. Real. Effortless.

In October of 2017 he started a private journey that is now a transition from male to female. After what felt like years of trying to make it work, in April of that year we separated. In May I moved to Ireland and began capturing pictures of gender markers on bathrooms. I became obsessed with gender.

I have been collecting the images from all around the world: US, Ecuador, Brazil, Ireland, Netherlands and the UK. My hope is that the collection will encourage others to look up and engage in an other-wise over-looked form of public art. My hope is to get you thinking about your gender identity and/or to be an advocate for the culture that exists in queer communities of love and respect…to raise awareness and compassion for the person sitting next to you. Hopefully your interest will lead into an investment in understanding pronouns, rhetoric, and the politics surrounding this age old aspect of humanity.

Please share your discovery and email your picture & location to

Taken @ParleauxBrewery in @bywater @nola

Taken @ParleauxBrewery in @bywater @nola

taken @ShakeSugary in New Orleans @Bywater

taken in @Barcelona at the nude beach

Taken the @SaltHouse in Galway

Taken at the Festival Gallery in Galway

AS seen in the Salt House in Galway’s West End

Taken in Brazil by RHG

Taken at the Secret Garden on the West Side of Galway

Taken in Seattle by Susan Johnson of Homer, Alaska

Taken at the Franciscan Well in Cork Ireland

Taken at Kennedy’s near Eyre Square in Galway Ireland

Taken @CafeElectric in @Memphis @Tennessee

Taken @CafeElectric in @Memphis @Tennessee

Taken @FedEx forum in @Memphis @Tennessee by @indyk13

Taken @FedEx in @Memphis @Tennessee forum by @indyk13

Taken @FedEx in @Memphis @Tennessee forum by @indyk13

Mijas in a place called The Secret Garden by Fintan Sweeney

as seen at REDs on St Claude Ave

As seen at Bar Redux in the BYwater

Fab little gem of a restaurant Riverbend’s Brigtsen’s

Cafe Envie in the FQ shout out to RHG

Cafe Envie in the FQ shout out to RHG

University of New Orleans Hallway

As seen at BUFFAS on Esplinade Ave in NOLA

As seen at BUFFAS on Esplinade Ave in NOLA

Shout out to @bonniecmulholland for this Monday morning dose xx

Preservation Hall in NOLA French Quarter as seen during Katie Sikora’s Sexism Project

Texas restaurant comes under fire for using photos of Caitlyn Jenner as bathroom signs – Houston Chronicle

as seen on Bourbon St in NOLA 12.4.17

EJ & Norma as gender markers at Sylvain in NOLA FQ