Is it real?

My dad started me off on this as a young girl less than 8 years old. He would always get me to draw hearts into drying cement, walk for hours on the beach to look for heart shaped rocks and build them into anything he made with this hands. As I get older, it’s now easy for me to spot them in the strangest of forms & so i always try to record the moment when I see it. Today, for me, it is a commentary on love and weather or not it is real.

As seen in the water, v old street art by Laurel True

as seen in the Treme on our walk to the Treme Cafe

Washing the evening’s dishes at the Row Club in Ireland, and this happened

Back door of ladies BR at the Salt House in Galway

Right outside the Gallery on Royal Street looking down on Window cleaning duty

along Lake Pontchartrain in LA

On the Aran Islands dipping toes in water with Paul Fahy


Along the Mississippi River at Crescent City Park

Benches by the lake at the University of New Orleans

looking down along the road to campus

When Amanda Light comes to visit NOLA from NY we happen upon love 2g

This heart was a touch find but I #discovered this #golden little #nugget of #mothernature 's #woodcarving #art inside of #cypress tree bark pulled from the #swamps up in Bush, Louisiana for P4 goddess project #installation on Gravier #stunning #artweekend #builder #powertools