Collaboration with Jay McKay

“YOTC Series: 2”. The press and public will be invited to view the artwork and meet the artist between 6 pm – 10pm on April 21st, 2018. Multiple generational Mardi Gras Indian turned street artist, this man is not only wise, dedicated and aware but he has quite the plan for coloring the world with a symbol of strength. The iconic camouflage colors represents the soldier he sees in all of us, a vision he developed as a result of growing up in NOLA. Albeit adversity, death, war zones and
fighting history- Neworleanians celebrate in response to adversity and that has created a machine of brilliance within Jay. It has created the soldier he sees in each of us. He elevates the story by paying homage to the grenade, a symbol of his attitude and approach
to art, which is powerful and explosive.

McKay is a New Orleans native who fell in love with art at a young age. He discovered his love for art moving around to different school in Orleans Parish, where he landed—taking classes at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), a breeding ground for
talent and fame in the art world. As a little boy he was immersed into the culture of the historic Mardi Gras Indians, wearing his first suit at age three. The head to toe suit was handcrafted by his grandfather. This led him to adulthood, where today he follows the same traditions. Thousands of hours are invested in a meticulous process of conjuring up, designing, creating, drafting, narrating and then hand sewing the garb.

Jay moved to Washington DC in 2006, post Katrina. His art teacher sponsored him to go to Africa to study art in Cape Town, South Africa. With a social media following of over 13,000 people from around the world today, McKay has not stopped being a creative force in the art world since and will debuts all new work at his first solo show this month on Julia Street.

Bbehind the scenes process shots of the install
Took: an artist lifetime & months of painting + 2wks of planning & 35+ man hrs to install over 2.5 days & 1 artist 1 curator & 100s of fans & a whole lata love xx